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Vertical housing is now starting to be built in big cities without a spacious land. It’s unlike the case with rural areas where land prices are slightly lowered compared to land prices in urban areas. Plots of land are still large so there are more horizontal houses than vertical houses like the Pullman Residences condos.

However, if you are still not familiar with vertical residences, here are the common types of them that you must know:

The condominium

The condo was first introduced in Italy, and it gets its name from there. Condominiums like the Pullman Residences are vertical buildings that can be used together. Not only the function that can be used together, but the ownership of the building is also shared with the neighbors. Condos are vertical buildings that can be shared together, as well as the rights or ownership of the condos, and it can be claimed or owned. Unfortunately, at present, there is no difference between an apartment and a condominium considering that the function of the apartment has changed were some apartments can be claimed and can be owned.


The apartment is a building that is used as a residence by taking a small portion of the building. So that one building can consist of hundreds of apartment units. In England, apartments are called flats, not apartments. Indeed, the apartment was different from today, where the apartment can only be rented out. However, along with the increasing need for apartments, the function of the apartment has changed. The apartment is not only for rent, but now the apartment can also be purchased along with the land so that ownership of the apartment can be claimed. Aside from that, if you’re looking for a condo instead of an apartment, we recommend you buy the best Pullman Residence Newton condo.


Flats are buildings that are being built by the government so that the price will be cheaper compared to other vertical dwellings. People who have never owned a residence are entitled to the right to live in flats. Flats are vertical and horizontal buildings so that in addition to rising, the building is elongated.

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