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Man and Van: How to Save Costs on Your Moving Day?

If you plan and arrange a house move, working with a Man and Van to assist you with all the hard work and large lifting is obviously the most suitable choice. Even with its advantages, though, a man and van may be a bit expensive, particularly when you’re relocating with a confined budget.

Hiring a self-drive van can certainly help you save additional money, but carrying it out on your own can be very nerve-racking. For this reason to assist you to decrease the amount you’ll be paying for moving day,  we've set these tips on how to save costs on man and van services:

Average Man and Van Cost

Prior to we start, here is a quick look at man and van costs and how they are calculated.

Man with van services in Peterborough cost an average of £25 to £350. Prices vary according to your requirements and the extra services that you're going to request from the mover. A few of the factors that will impact the overall expenses are the size of the van, the distance between your new and old properties, the duration of the job, and the trouble or the nature of the move.

Van costs will also be determined by the number of movers that you'll want. As an illustration, if you are shifting from a one-bedroom apartment, a single man with a van will do. But, if you are in a four to five-bedroom family house, you must use a larger removal van and a group of packers to undertake the job.

Prices also rely upon your location in Peterborough.

How Do I Save On Man and Van Costs?

Avoid Peak Moving Season

You should definitely refrain from peak seasons. If you're able to, don’t plan your moving day from May to September because these are the peak months. Weekends also need to be sidestepped, along with the first and last days of the month.


Understand that the quantity of stuff you need to move will considerably affect your man and van hire’s cost. Save boxes and save van space by reducing your possessions. Evaluate all of your items and get rid of what you don’t want and what you don’t need. If you want to hoard things, this could be the perfect time to break that habit. There are some websites for selling pre-loved goods. It is possible to give away or sell abandoned and outgrown items for a low price online in the UK. You can then use the money you’ve earned to cover up a percentage of your moving expenses!

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